Fourth of July Flag Cake

Hey everyone!

This Fourth of July I decided  to go all out by creating a patriotic cake and matching cupcakes. Although I didn’t make this particular cake from scratch, I really focused on the decorative aspects and fluffy, brown sugar frosting.

I love this frosting because it tastes like marshmallows and smells of molasses. As found on Pinterest, this frosting is great for decorating being it really stays in place on a cake. To make the cake look like an American flag, I separated the frosting into three separate bowls and dyed one bowl of icing blue, the second red, and kept the last bowl white.

Using another technique I found on Pinterest, I used three separate star tips and put each color of frosting into it’s own piping bag with a closed star tip. To read more about the technique I used, here’s the fabulous blog post about this amazing piping technique that I use all the time.

To tweak this however, I decided to add silver sparklers to the top of the cake to create the illusion of fireworks bursting out of the cake.


With the cupcakes, I piped different colored rosettes on each cupcake. To do this, I started the tip of the piping bag in the center of the cupcake. To create rosettes, I swirled the frosting from the middle of the cupcake to the outer edge of the cupcake. By moving the icing from the center to the edge, rather than the outside of the cupcake to the center, I could create an elegant rose rather than add an overwhelming amount of frosting to each cupcake.

Finally, I should let you all know how I avoided getting the red velvet cake crumbs into the white frosting. By icing the cake in a crumb coat and refrigerating the dirty iced cake, the cake crumbs were unable to mix in with the frosting thus allowing for a neater, and more presentable cake.

So I hope these tips were helpful and I can’t wait to share more very soon!




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